Moments of Humanity

On March 2… a [friend’s 84-year-old neighbor Ron] was having trouble getting access to the vaccine. Later, I received an email from Jennifer at [a senior services center saying local organizations] were seeking seniors to vaccinate at Santa Ana College through the OC COVID Equity Community Response program. I asked my friend for Ron’s number, which she supplied. Then I emailed Jennifer. An hour later, Jennifer wrote me back to say Ron and his wife were booked for a vaccination on March 6. I called Ron and shared the good news. I hung up the phone with Ron and had a good ‘ole cry. I cried because I’m so thankful for people like Jennifer and countless others who are giving vaccine distribution their absolute all. Orange County is a special place. There are special people here – people who make our region better every single day. Humanity does indeed start here.

— Sarah, Costa Mesa.