Moments of Humanity

I have a friend who joined the Navy to serve his country and to pursue a career in law as a JAG lawyer.  Early on in his naval career, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma and dove into his studies at a local university after being discharged.  Seemingly undiscouraged by his prognosis, he decided to take extra classes so he could begin helping others in his legal career as soon as possible.  He felt like he just had to keep going and moving forward.  He was a big believer in knowing that although he may not be able to control what life throws at him, he could control how he responds to it.  After a couple of relapses and much chemotherapy, it was determined that he needed a bone marrow transplant as the best way to help his odds of survival.  His brother was an ideal donor and stepped up to the plate to undergo the major process of the transplant, which ended up saving his life.  He’s now a lawyer focused on helping veterans receive the benefits they deserve and this story shows the strength of family and the power of resilience during life’s toughest moments.  

— Nick, Costa Mesa.