Moments of Humanity

Tax Season was tough on everyone involved, tax filers and tax preparers alike. Many places became virtual centers and a large population of clients were not confident in navigating technology, especially with such personal information. It was particularly difficult for undocumented clients that needed to renew their individual tax identification numbers. Renewal requires physical presence to prove ones identity in the United States. Virtual centers cancelled this service all together and many places surged the price to profit on the demand. Thankfully, many were able to receive this service free through a tax preparation site in Westminster, which was also a non-profit. A client had taken the bus from Yorba Linda to Westminster for her renewal appointment. Unfortunately, when she got to her appointment, she forgot some critical documentation. This non-profit, was not only a tax preparation site, they also provided senior non-emergency transportation. A driver that was on his lunch break overheard me explain to the client that I needed the valid identification to submit her renewal application. She explained it took her 3 hours to get there. The driver jumped in and offered to give her a ride to her home to get the documents and bring her back. This act of service was a huge reminder of what non-profits are in the community to do, acts of kindness without personal gain for those around us. 

— Marcela, Westminster.