Moments of Humanity

Last weekend our 8 year old daughter Francesca was hospitalized. Her kidneys had flared up again and we needed to take her into the ER to get help with her kidney function.

This hospital stay had been by far, worse than the one before. The IV insert was horrible for her and even the medicine drip burned. She was in too much pain to rest. Sadly, this was a couple days before her 8th birthday party and she was heartbroken when we received the news we’d need to cancel her party.

The wonderful team at Kaiser Pediatrics in Anaheim took good care of Franny and fortunately we were released the Sunday night before her actual birthday.

Monday morning came and we figured the best we could do would be to celebrate at home with the family. But she longed to be with her neighborhood friends and she longed to feel just a little more ‘normal’ after a rough few days.

With almost no notice, all of the neighborhood moms dropped what they were doing and cancelled afternoon plans to come be there for Franny on a Monday afternoon. They allowed their kids to ruin their dinners eating sweets and piñata candy and skip homework for the night.

This simple time together lifted Franny’s spirits in an amazing way. It was a trajectory turn for her and being with her people gave her the boost she needed toward feeling better in every way.

— Keith, Irvine.