Moments of Humanity

As most of us remember the beginning of the pandemic, running store to store for food, medicine and toilet paper. During this time, an elderly street vendor named Joel was selling tamales trying to make whatever he could to survive. A woman took a minute despite the chaos around them to help the man by buying a few tamales and starting a conversation.  He shared that he was too old and no one would hire him during this pandemic. His only option was selling tamales for a woman in return for a small percentage. He just makes enough to live; he cannot afford his medication, uses a wheelchair to get around and to help him hold up the tamale container. 

Wanting to help, the women posted his story on social media for the community to come together and help Joel. Many people re-shared his story, bought his tamales daily and handed him donations. To help even more, a GoFundMe was circulated and the response was greater than expected. Joel no longer has to sell tamales and is very grateful to everyone who changed his life forever.

— Julie, Irvine.