Moments of Humanity

Jennifer, a mother of two young children, from Yorba Linda, never stops rescuing dogs who need help.

I’ve seen go the extra mile when a dog needed to be rescued. A few months ago while driving to get vaccinated, she and her husband Andres, came across a little lost dog, whose name later became Luna. She couldn’t leave the dog wandering around. He was trembling, extremely scared, and dirty. Infested with fleas and shaky legs, they took him to the vet to check if he was chipped. He was but the phone number provided was disconnected. Jennifer started looking for the owner via social media but was unsuccessful. Then she started looking for a forever home for Luna. A friend from her daughter’s dancing group contacted her back. She and her sister adopted Luna. Jennifer checked on him from time to time and noticed he was very nervous at first at his new home. He had been through so much on the streets. But after a few weeks, he began to adjust very well. Luna now has a feline sibling. He is a completely different dog. He plays so happily, runs and jumps.

 Luna is not the first dog Jennifer has helped. Oh no. She has fostered a number of dogs in the last few years. And, she will continue fostering in the future. She is also involved with a few local rescue shelters and assisted with fundraisers. She has also picked up dogs who usually come from meat markets overseas as they arrived at the airport. They come to the U.S. so they can be placed in good, loving homes.

Jennifer, a mom of two, is really a mom of seven. In addition to her two beautiful children, she also has five furry children all rescued and with interesting stories each.

Her passion for dogs never stops. Her dream is to one day, once her kids are in college, have her own rescue shelter.

Thank you Jennifer for caring so devotedly for innocent furry souls who would be lost if it wasn’t for your actions. You have a big heart. I’m so proud of you!

Story submitted by Jessica, Irvine

— Jennifer, Yorba Linda.