Moments of Humanity

On a chilly afternoon, I was walking up a staircase from the beachside and saw an older homeless man who was struggling to zip up his jacket. He had asked others for help, but no one stopped. For a moment, I continued past him but decided to turn around and help him. Quickly, I realized the reason why he was struggling so much—he had Parkinson’s disease. The zipper on his jacket was all bent out of shape. After 5 minutes of trying to get the zipper to work, I finally got it to catch. I asked the man what his name was. He raised his head and with a new found smile on his face, he replied “Tommy”.

Just like Tommy, my father also has Parkinson’s disease. I hope that in the moments I’m not able to help my father, someone will do the same for him like I did for Tommy.

— Erik, San Clemente.