Moments of Humanity

Cali has been a Girl Scout for a few years and has been one of the top sellers. This year Cali and her troop had nearly 70 boxes of cookies they wanted to donate. Cali shared a story in one of her meetings. 

While we were driving to deliver cookies, Cali spotted someone that was walking along the street with all their belongings. She said, “They have so much they are carrying around, looks like everything they own, do you think a box of cookies would cheer them up? I will pay for it.” I said, “Sure, let’s ask if they would like one.”

Cali offered a box, the person had a huge smile on their face and said “I have not had a box of Girl Scout cookies in over 20 years, Thank you so much!” We said kind words and drove off. 

Cali shared the story with her troop, who were all so touched by it that they decided to donate their 70 boxes and a smile to our homeless neighbors. Cali and her troop will be writing letters of encouragement and sending off their cookies to a local shelter. Kindness is contagious! 

— Cali, Santa Ana.