Moments of Humanity

When the word humanity comes to mind I think of unity. People are united by the commonalities they share that include an ability to express feelings, understand one another, and share with loved ones. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who do not enjoy privileges like these because of certain barriers. As I go about my day I am determined to make a difference to serve those around me. A tendency I hold close to heart is to treat others as I would treat myself. Acts of humanity start with the individual who is determined to seek the benefit and well-being of those around them. My story of humanity starts off with a simple kind word and continues with a love that is driven to see others benefit and thrive. My story continues on a daily basis and strives to even the odds, to encourage people, and to stir up hope. As a brand new intern for [a local nonprofit], I feel that I am one step closer to fulfilling that goal of helping others and look forward to serving many different people in many different ways. Until I reach the finish line I hope to become a good and faithful servant.

— Antonio, Fullerton.