Moments of Humanity

Every morning as I drive my daughter to preschool, we see a homeless neighbor sitting at the bus stop.  Over the course of a few days, Illa asked a million questions as to why he’s there.  I attempt my best to explain homelessness to my 5 year old, and why this elderly man, who looks like a “grandpa” is homeless. I’m sure puzzled by the complex issues around homelessness, one morning, she says: “ Maybe he needs some chocolate milk to get cozy”. We purchased a large coffee, stopped at  the bus stop and handed  “grandpa” the coffee. We then learned that his name is Nick and now as part of the routine, as we pass by the bus stop, we roll the windows down and slow down to say “Hello, Nick!”.  Nick always waves back with a smile, saying hello. 

Let’s remember to show humanity to all our neighbors, all it takes is a smile!

— Angely, Costa Mesa.