Moments of Humanity

Since my adolescent years, I started to hear the news reported crime stories often in specific  towns, and people spoke about impoverished cities and poor-performing schools with a name. I  was heartbroken because those who lived there wanted to move out while letting the  communities look down upon others. In intermediate school, I did many volunteering activities  as a member of the honor society on campus. It developed my passion for serving the community  in need. In the same period, one of my favorite TV documentaries showed wealthy individuals  going undercover to support multiple local non-profit organizations. This TV documentary  delighted me because the wealthy individuals expressed empathy for the city due to the many  hardships affecting the vulnerable. In the current society, it is unfortunate when we see naysayers  turn their blind eyes towards the homeless, the former prisoners with disenfranchisement, and  struggling communities. Humanity works best when heroes improve communities. Serving those  in need is not a luxury or a burden of self-care; it is stewardship. We win when everyone wins.

— Albert, Santa Ana.